Lager Haus & BierGarten Policies

North Carolina State Law: Must be 21 years of age to Consume Alcohol

Must be at least 21 to Patronage Lager Haus

Lager Haus does not take Reservations

To Rent 1516 Room email:

We do not Sell or Refill Growlers

We do not Sell Kegs . . . other than to those with ABC Permit

We do not Allow Outside Beverages on Premises

Only a Single Serve Food Item or a Pizza may be brought in (no shared dishes)

Decorations, Tablecloths, Balloons are not allowed.

Communal Seating Only

Appropriate Attire Required

We Welcome Friendly, Quiet, Dogs on Leashes but not on furniture …Owner Responsible for their Dogs.

We reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.

Parties of 10 or more: One (1) check . . . 18% gratuity


Children: We love children . . . most of us have children . . . but . . .for the first four months or so we allowed children in the ‘Lager Haus’ and it was close to a disaster.  It’s understandable that children are going to be children. They weren’t the problem, the parents were. Kids threw rocks at the windows, threw rocks at each other, ran through the plant beds and through the stream.  In spite of warning signs and barriers, children walked through the construction zone, walked on foundations with rebar sticking out and on the construction materials.  It was just a matter of time before someone was hurt.  Parents were offended when staff requested they rein in their youngsters.  We finally stopped allowing children after one man said he couldn’t control his child . . . and then said, “You shouldn’t allow children”.  There are more people that appreciate the fact that the ‘Lager Haus’ doesn’t allow children under 21 (legal drinking age) . . . than people that want to bring children. Our insurance broker is pleased as well. Again, a few adults allowed their kids to ruin it for the well-behaved majority of children (and their parents).